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Our goal is not to fulfill technical requirements but to make products.

That is not easy: design and programming are only a small part of the necessary work. First, you need to analyze the market and understand what exactly is needed and what does not need to be done. After that, a marketing strategy must be developed for capturing an audience and the world. The Terms of Reference for the development should reflect both conclusions drawn from analytics and marketing ideas.

Design, UX, testing, soft launch, cyclical updates – everything should work together to meet the common goal of satisfying the user’s needs. The absence of this coherence is the main problem in our mobile application development market. Business doesn’t need code, the mere fact of appearing in stores, or traffic. It needs a product – a tool to solve people's problems – and to make money.

We want to change the market by offering services for creating a complete product, not just the parts of one – which can be difficult to assemble into a single tool, especially when the parts are made by different people focused on individual specific tasks. While every action is in development, from the color of the button to the ability to respond to a notification, this is marketing.

Part of this plan is the creation of a laboratory – an incubator where experts in technology, marketing, and business will work together. The only way to do the job well is to love what you do. Therefore, when choosing between candidates for interviews, when making difficult decisions on job promotions, changing working conditions, and dismissing specialists, we primarily focus on the person’s passion for his work. Of course, many factors are important, but, if there is no internal interest, nothing good will come of it.

Ultimately, we are building a full development cycle and attracting investors interested in the products of our customers jointly make great stories.

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